POST NATAL – Mommy’s Revival Tea 50g



Strengthening wellness tea for the time after birth with shepherd’s purse, daisy, dead nettle and yarrow.

✓ Supports the female organs after birth
✓ Provides precious vital agents
✓ Pleasant taste
✓ All natural

Developed by Femna experts and herbalists

Contains 50 gr
Makes 25-30 cups of tea

Germany: € 3,95 / 2-3 working days
Europe: € 4,50 / 3-4 working days
International: € 9,50 / 7-9 working days after date of shipment


At A Glance

• Strengthening Tea mixture for new mothers
• The perfect combination of shepherd’s purse and daisy
• Hormone harmonizing
• Developed for women by women

Product Description

The Mommy’s Revival Tea is our version of a well-deserved spa day after a long exhausting journey. After birth, the body is in healing mode. The uterus contracts, vaginal muscles tighten and skin strengthens. The lochia (post-birth vaginal discharge) is a visible sign of this healing process.

The herbs in our Mommy’s Revival Tea support the natural process of healing. Yarrow, shepherd’s purse and daisy are herbs that have been traditionally recommended to women after birth to soothe. White deadnettle, lady’s mantle and horsetail support a healthy lochia and strengthen the tissue.

Every mum deserves enough energy for for herself and her baby – so, revive!


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How to Use

Recommended for the time after birth — as a course of treatment for 4-6 weeks, if needed longer than that. Brew tea with hot water and cover, to make sure the essential oils won’t evaporate.


How do I drink the tea?

It is best enjoyed freshly brewed before meals. Use two level teaspoons per cup, brew with boiling water and cover while it steeps so the essential oils won’t evaporate. Drink three cups per day for the best result.

How long should I drink the tea?

It is recommended to continue the tea regime for 4-6 weeks after birth.

When is the best time to drink this tea?

The best time to drink the tea is whenever you feel like it. Try to incorporate at least 2 cups in your daily routine, say one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Can I drink the tea throughout the day?

For best results, we recommend enjoying the tea freshly brewed. Though, if this isn’t always possible, a tea made in advance is a great second choice. If on the go, we like using the double-lined Femna Tea glass which keeps your beverage hot during the day.

Can I drink the teas cold?

Yes, but it is recommended to enjoy them when they are warm because they are the most beneficial and tasty.

More questions?

Ask us!

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• Developed and produced in Germany
• Material: Aroma protection bag, BPA-free
• Size: 130 x 22,5 x 80 mm
• 19,80 € / 100g

All products available on this website are meant to support the general well-being of women. We use herbs and essential oils, that have been recognised in the realm of herbal medicine for hundreds of years. The knowledge about these is based on empirical evidence passed on from one generation to another. FEMNA products are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. If conditions persist, please consult your general practitioner.

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