FERTILITY – Come Baby Come & Baby I’m Coming Teas (2 Teas)



Herbal tea for those who ovulate and are ready to make babies.

✓ Wellness for Fertility

✓ Herbally stimulating

✓ All natural

✓ BPA-free

Germany: € 3,95 / 2-3 working days
Europe: € 4,50 / 3-4 working days
International: € 9,50 / 7-9 working days after date of shipment

Makes 50-60 cups / Lasts for 2 months

€17,90/ 100 gr



At A Glance

✓ Natural wellness made for women by women

✓ Advocates hormonal harmony

✓ Organic ingredients

✓ Fertilising



Most women struggle with the imbalance of hormones which messes with our cycle. Like an out of tune symphony, one of the instruments is off key and causing the ear sore (or ovary sore). Nowadays, it’s quite common to have an ovulatory dysfunction. The conductor is in charge of keeping the symphony in line as you are with your hormones. Herbs have often helped women to tune up their fertility and get all her instruments back on key and get her baby to COME BABY, COME. This herbal blend was designed to synchronize the symphony of female sex hormones to optimize ovulation and hormonal cycles so you don’t have to keep guessing but just keep trying. Then you will be listening for your little one to whisper back, “BABY, I’M COMING.”

Come Baby, Come Ingredients

Lady’s Mantle


Raspberry Leaves

Angelica Root




Baby, I’m Coming Ingredients


Lady’s Mantle


Lemon Verbena


How To Use

Use 2 teaspoon per 200ml boiling water, cover (so you don’t lose the essential oils) leave to brew for 8-12 minutes.


From the day your period stops, drink 1-3 cups daily, for 10 days.


One week before your period, drink 1-3 cups daily.

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How do I drink the tea?

Brew the tea for about 10 minutes before enjoying.

How long should I drink the tea?

Drink two or three  cups per day during your period, if needed start the week before.

When is the best time to drink this tea?

We recommend using this as a long term treatment over the course of several cycles.

May I drink the tea throughout the day?

Of course! It is recommended to drink the tea in the morning because it is often the easiest time to implement a beverage regime. Though, feel free to brew a cup later in the afternoon or even at night before bed. It is recommended to always brew and enjoy your tea fresh for the best results.

Are you allowed to drink the teas cold?

I personally love my tea cold, but, to reap the benefits, you should enjoy this tea warm.

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  • Material: Aroma protection bag, BPA-Free
  • Contains 2 bags of 50g
  • Size: 130 x 22.5 x 80 mm
  • €17,90/ 100 g
  • Made in Germany

All products available on this website are meant to support the general well-being of women. We use herbs and essential oils, that have been recognised in the realm of herbal medicine for hundreds of years. The knowledge about these is based on empirical evidence passed on from one generation to another. FEMNA products are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. If conditions persist, please consult your general practitioner.

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