What To Do About A Heavy Period

menstruation and heavy period

Heavy Period

As different as humans are, so is our cycle. The cycle and also menstruation, the intensity of the pain and the magnitude of the bleeding, can vary from month to month. A healthy menstrual cycle – starting with the first day of menstruation – lasts between 23 and 35 days with a maximum duration of 7 days. However, today many who menstruate are plagued by various cycle problems. One of these problems is a heavy period.

What is a heavy period?

A heavy period occurs when the bleeding lasts longer than 7 days and/or the amount of menstrual fluid is more than 80-120ml. It is important to note here that menstrual fluid is different and hard to differentiate from the amount of blood which should only be between about 30-50ml in total. Medically, there are two definitions for a long period of menstruation: menorrhagia and hypermenorrhea.

Menorrhagia is actually a rhythm disorder, because the bleeding takes longer than usual. As a result, of course, the intensity of the bleeding comes about. If the strong period lasts longer than two weeks, this is considered permanent bleeding.

If the menstruation is very strong, over 80 milliliters of blood will be lost. In such a blood loss is called a hypermenorrhea. Usually, such a strong period is associated with blood clots.

Possible Causes

A heavy menstrual period, whether hypermenorrhea or menorrhagia, can have many causes. Not infrequently, these two menstrual disorders are associated with cycles that do not ovulate. This can be due to puberty, menopause, stress, nutrition, lack of vital substances and hormonal imbalances. Especially after the discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives such as the pill or the hormone spiral to various cycle disorders, including hypermenorrhea or menorrhagia.

What can I do to alleviate a heavy period?

If you suffer from a long period of menstruation or have a very strong period of blood clots, some so-called female herbs could help. The wonderful world of medicinal herbs has a lot to offer in the field of gynecology. For example, there are herbs that have a hemostatic effect. These include shepherd’s purse, Sharpshaw, silver coat and goose fingerer. These are in tea blends like with relaxing and soothing herbs, such as. As melissa, combined.

red sea tea for heavy periods

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Medical Exam

If a long period of bleeding is the exception, there is usually nothing to worry about, as both the length and strength of a period can fluctuate from time to time. If the period is noticeable over several cycles, this can also be an indicator of gynecological diseases or disorders such as endometriosis, polyps or fibroids. In rarer cases, a blood coagulation disorder may also be present.

Herbs & tea for heavy menstruation

In case of very heavy bleeding, it is also enormously important to keep an eye on the need for vital substances. If we often bleed a lot, iron and vitamin B12 are very likely to be missing. In fact, you can find these two substances in plants. The nettle has a much higher iron content than meat, and B12 is found in chlorella in larger quantities than in dairy products.

One More Tip

All of this can help to prevent heavy bleeding. In order to be able to determine exactly how strong your menstrual period actually is and whether the healing tea improves, the use of a menstrual cup is accurate for measuring.


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