What are PMS Types? Which Type are you?

what are pms types and what causes pms?

What are PMS Types?

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is an acute mental and physical condition that occurs during the few days before menstruating humans have their period. Many menstruaters fall into one or more PMS Types. Here we cover what are PMS Types and help you find out which type you are.

Although premenstrual syndrome is a widespread disorder in women, there has not been a true resolve of PMS. Meanwhile, more than 80% of women report experiencing one or more symptoms within their cycle. Because there are so many symptoms, different categories of PMS symptoms are used to better identify causes and treatment. These are the 4 PMS Types: PMS Type A, C, D, H and P.

PMS Type A (Anxiety)

The main symptoms of PMS tend to be mood swings from sky-high jubilant to distressed, anxious, panic, irritability and forgetfulness. Excess estrogen is a very possible culprit, especially after ovulation when progesterone should dominate. Lack of sleep and too much stress will also aggravate mood and are common causes as well as symptoms in PMS Type A.

PMS Type C (Cravings)

Food cravings, headaches, dizziness and palpitations often occur in PMS Type C. Possible causes can be raised insulin or hypoglycemia, lack of minerals and nutrients and hormonal imbalances.

PMS Type D (Depression)

This type is characterized by a depressed mood, confusion, forgetfulness and insomnia. A possible trigger is estrogen dominance or not enough progesterone which will raise serotonin and disturb the intestinal flora, cause stress, hinder sleep and could even cause a thyroid disorder.

PMS Type H (Excess Water)

In this type, menstruaters suffer from water retention in the tissues and associated weight gain, as well as painful chest tension. The ratio between progesterone and estrogen is most likely unfavorable for progesterone as estrogen tends to collect water weight. Bloating also occurs from inflammatory foods such as grains and nuts, especially if you are experiencing a leaky gut.

PMS Type P (Pain)

Increased levels of prostaglandins cause severe pain before and during menstruation. This causes the contracting of the uterus and the mucous membrane is repelled. Even back pains and headaches are particularly common before your period. Causes are likely diet, nutrition deficiency and stress that causes hormonal imbalance. In this state, the body has no reserves to compensate for inflammation and thus creates pain.

PMS Type A to H briefly explained. We hope we have covered exactly what are PMS Types and have helped you further to discover your remedies and hormonal balance.

Guest article by Andrea Mohr, non-medical practitioner specializing in holistic gynecology, edited by Annie Loupy.


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