Track Your 1st Trimester Weekly


Welcome to your 1st trimester!

Pregnancy is an exciting time and we would all like to peer into the belly to see how the small baby is developing. We have a week by week update on how your little one is developing in your belly so you can keep up with its progress.

Track your baby’s growth and your well-being week by week

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Pregnancy Week 1 – 4

During your first month of pregnancy, you may not know that you are pregnant yet. This is because you haven’t missed your period yet and pregnancy is measured from the first day of your last period. Ovulation occurs during the middle of the month, meaning when one lucky sperm out of millions reaches the egg where fertilization takes place, you have already reached week 2 of your pregnancy. The fertilized egg then settles down in the lining of the uterus. Some women feel heightened activity in the uterus and sense some tugging in the lower abdomen.

Pregnancy Week 5

This might be the week you find out you are pregnant! Congratulations! Some women find out much later, but by now, you missed your period and regular over-the-counter pregnancy tests will show valid results. The ‘pregnancy hormone’ hCG has reached a level that can be tested in the urine and will rise daily from now on! You might want to make an appointment at your preferred OB GYN’s practice. 🙂

Pregnancy Week 6

You are now one month and one week pregnant. This week, the first pregnancy symptoms might have already made an appearance – fatigue, nausea, sore breasts – hello! These (and some others) could be accompanying you for a while. If you don’t feel anything yet, that’s perfectly normal as well. Your baby is now the size of a sweet pea and its heart is starting to beat.

Pregnancy Week 7

During week 7, your baby is developing about one hundred new brain cells each minute – isn’t that just amazing?! It is also rapidly growing a set of kidneys and all four limbs. On the new-momto- be front, you might still be (and will be for a while) dealing with early pregnancy symptoms that might include acne, mood swings or food cravings. If you are among a lucky few, you feel fine and can simply enjoy the knowledge of a little being growing inside.

Pregnancy Week 8

At 8 weeks, you are at the end of your second month of pregnancy. By now, you have probably become used to the idea of actually being pregnant. This is the time where most women have their first prenatal appointment. You may hear your baby’s heart beating for the first time. Your baby is still rapidly growing and is right now developing its taste buds. Its little tail (yes, it has one!) is disappearing and hands and feet are becoming more refined.

Pregnancy Week 9

At this point, you might actually be showing a little bit – many women have trouble buttoning their favorite pants. Your uterus has already doubled in size by now to accommodate your baby, which is now about the size of a cherry! Milestone for your baby: it is no longer called an embryo (in the embryonic phase, the baby is forming major organs), but a fetus. That means, all organs and body parts are formed and now will continue to mature and grow in size.

Pregnancy Week 10

As your baby continues its rapid growth, the ligaments and muscles are starting to stretch inside your belly. So, don’t be surprised if you start feeling some aches and pains in your abdomen. Your breasts are getting bigger and might feel sore and tender. This is a good time for the first round of maternity shopping – make sure to get some comfortable tops and pants. Meanwhile, your baby is busy practicing swallowing and kicking and is growing hair and fingernails.

Pregnancy Week 11

You are reaching the end of the first trimester and your baby is about the size of a lime. Around this time in your pregnancy, the question of prenatal genetic testing comes up. Make sure to discuss with your partner what is important to the both of you and what impact the results could have. The most common test is the NT Scan (Nuchal translucency scan), which is typically done between weeks 10 and 14, to test your baby for risk of Down Syndrome and several other chromosomal irregularities.

Pregnancy Week 12

You are probably getting ready to share the news with friends and family. After the first trimester, the risk for miscarriage drops under 3% and your pregnancy becomes much more stable. By now, you are probably seeing a small baby belly. At 12 weeks, your baby is opening and closing its fingers and curling its toes. It is also developing reflexes – if you poke your belly while looking at it on an ultrasound, you’ll likely see it react and move!

Written by Women’s Health Expert Hannah