The 3rd Trimester – The Last 3 Months

Pregnancy – The 3rd Trimester

WEEK 27 – WEEK 40

By now, your belly is making a very prominent appearance and it’s clear to everyone: your baby is soon on its way into your arms! By now, your belly is big and heavy. You may notice that at night, you roll around the bed from one side to the other and wake up more often to go to the bathroom. You might experience slight water retention in your hands and feet or heartburn. You can feel your baby every day, and even from the outside, your baby’s kicks can be felt. The little creature inside is already a complete human being. Their tiny organs, like the lungs, keep maturing until they are “ready for birth.” Surely you have already prepared some things for your child like clothing or diapers. For mobility, you might have bought a stroller or decided on a baby carrier or baby wrap. A baby wrap is highly recommended because you can have your baby quite comfortably close to you and provide a great sense of security to them. This time of “nesting” can be a lot of fun! At the beginning, your baby only needs basic equipment and grows out of the first sizes very quickly.

Stay relaxed and take care of yourself

Many women don’t anticipate birth with joyful thoughts because of the many horrible birth stories we’ve all heard! Remember, giving birth is a natural process by which women are genetically prepared. Our body knows what to do and shows us the way if we only just let go and let it happen. To give birth, it is important to have a safe environment and loving support by your loved ones. If you are looking to be proactive during pregnancy in order to prepare for the main event, there are many birth preparation courses available. Pregnancy yoga or “hypnobirthing” which is a form of birth preparation that works with elements of hypnosis are a few suitable options to research. If you are experiencing severe anxiety due to past events such as previous traumatic births or other traumas, be sure to discuss this with your midwife or seek therapeutic support.

During the last few weeks of your pregnancy, it is time to recharge, prepare documents such as parental leave, and run as many errands as you may need. Make space to do a few things that you will not have a chance to do in the months after the baby is born, such as going to a movie, enjoying a spa treatment or maybe even a weekend trip away!

What happens in the body

By now, your body is performing at its peak! With increasing weight and volume of the abdomen, women tend to feel more exhaustion. The top 3 pregnancy symptoms in this phase are sleep disturbances, water retention and shortness of breath. Also, expect frequent visits to the toilet at this point.

The baby is still growing in weight and size though it is fully developed now. From now until birth, your baby will gain a good three or more pounds and grow 7-10 inches.

Medicinal herbs for the 3rd trimester

During the third trimester, the focus of herbal remedies is primarily to provide the body with relaxation and ease. The Light Legs, Sound Sleep Tea is FEMNA’s answer to lightness and confidence. This savory herbal blend combines nettle and goldenrod to regulate water retention. Passion flower and hawthorn promote relaxation and the raspberry leaves prepare the tissue for birth.

The Sweet Release Oil is a nourishing body oil with valuable and natural essential oils, as well as lavender, juniper, cypress and lemon. It is cooling, refreshing and relaxing on heavy legs and soothing in the last trimester of pregnancy.

What happens in the body

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Written by Women’s Health Expert Hannah