Sex After Giving Birth

Sex After Giving Birth

Sex after birth

If you are feeling well physically, sex after childbirth may already be a hot topic for you. There are no fixed rules on how long you have to wait after birth – that’s entirely up to you. Pay close attention to your needs and go ahead when it feels right for you. For many women, the mood does not strike for a while, especially while they heal. Exhaustion, fatigue and pain are all common symptoms to oppose getting busy, but sometimes women even feel emotionally unattractive after giving a baby. The best thing you can do is talk to your partner about how you’re doing and what you need. Maybe you want closeness, but not sex. Maybe a foot massage is enough for you or maybe you still need some distance. If you both feel like it, then do not forget contraception! Breastfeeding does not provide sufficient baby-making protection.

If you want to indulge your post-baby body with something soothing and healing yet decadent, our fragrant Mommy’s Belly Oil is specifically developed for the period after birth. The oil is applied on the stomach and gently massaged. The contained oils, such as yarrow, are a blessing for the abdomen, both for the skin and for the deeper tissue.

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Written by Women’s Health Expert Hannah