PMS Depression – PMS Type D

PMS Type D is for pms depression symptoms

PMS Depression

The days before menstruation can be a real challenge, especially for humans suffering from PMS depression. Many menstrual humans experience mood swings and depression right before menstruation, so you are not alone. These symptoms are categorized in PMS Type D. PMS is divided into 4 types: A-D. The differentiation of “types” helps women and doctors to classify what symptoms occur and its likely causes.

PMS depression = PMS Type D

If you suffer from PMS depression, welcome to the PMS Type D group where D stands for depression. Easily identifiable characteristics of this group are depression, memory weakness, confusion, uncontrollable sadness and insomnia. PMS Type D humans usually experience a short period duration. Depression, mood swings and sensitivity are a daily struggle. Though may of us are grouped into this category, the experience is entirely independent. For some, the depression is slight; others, it is unbearable. Sometimes depression symptoms only last for one or two days. Other times, improvements only surface post menstruation.

Does depression result from menstruation? No. The cause of these symptoms is usually due to a hormone imbalance. A typical cause for PMS depression is (again) estrogen dominance. This is often aggravated by various deficiencies in vital substances such as vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, vitamin E, and zinc.

What to do about PMS depression and mood swings?

First, it would certainly be helpful to investigate the causes again. For example, there are hormone tests or vital substance analyzes in the blood. But you can also contribute a lot to your well-being by actively reducing stress and boosting your happiness hormones of oxytocin, endocannabinoids or dopamine (but, responsibly please). This can easily be achieved by introducing conscious relaxation through yoga, meditation or magnesium baths.

No woman, no cry tea treats pms depression and PMS Type D

PMS Treatment: Herbs for PMS depression and mood swings?

Yes, there are many plants and herbs that can help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Certain medicinal herbs have been used medicinally for centuries to harmonize, soothe and enhance mood, especially to combat depression and mood swings. These natural mood-boosters include lemon balm, angelica root and St. John’s Wort. These three plantlets are often combined to provide the most powerful remedy. Lady’s mantle is always a smart choice to regulate hormones.

These herbs can be used both individually and in combination. They are gentle but effective, and advocate positively towards herbal PMS treatment.


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