PMS Cravings – PMS Type C

PMS Type C causes pms cravings

PMS Cravings

PMS cravings are ravishing, insatiable and stoking hunger even more. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) comes in many shapes and sizes. But one of the most common symptoms is the uncontrollable craving for certain foods or a raging hunger right before your period.

The many PMS symptoms are categorized and recognized as different types: A-D. The differentiation of “types” helps women and doctors to classify what symptoms occur and its likely causes. PMS hunger and cravings belong to Type C. The C used to classify this category stands for “cravings.”

PMS Type C: PMS cravings mean you feel hungrier before menstruation and often suffer from fatigue and tiredness.

Menstruating humans who are tortured by PMS cravings or insatiable hunger more often than not find their strongest attraction to sweets. This is likely because sweets provide a fast-metabolized substance of glucose which gives the body a surge of energy and counteracts another common PMS symptom of fatigue. A sweet craving could be a sign that you are suffering from a slower metabolism (which could mean hypothyroidism) or lacking essential nutrients that stoke your energy levels. Chocolate is another common craving. When premenstrual humans crave chocolate, most often this is a message from the body to dose up on magnesium. Magnesium is an essential nutrient that the body does not commonly have access to but is highly concentrated in dark chocolate and coffee. In some cases, the sufferer also endures cravings throughout her period.

Period Binge Eating

The cause of pre-period hunger and period cravings is often due to a fluctuating blood sugar level. Increased insulin during the second half of the cycle can cause blood sugar to drop and result in hypoglycemia. As soon as the body perceives this warning signal, it wants to take countermeasures and so asks for the easiest most readily available sugar, which in our society is typically conventional sweets. This is also true during your period. “Why am I so hungry on your period?” “Why do I have such stron PMS cravings?” The simple answer: necessary nutrients. Our bodies can only give us the signal, we have to process what that means and give our body the best and most nutrient dense substance to abide.

A lot of menstruating humans have reported that combined with insatiable PMS cravings and period cravings, they also often experience headaches, tiredness, dizziness and circulatory problems.  Blood sugar fluctuations are more often than not due to a hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance or nutrient deficiencies.

PMS Type C Crave Me tea stops period cravings

Stop Period Cravings

The first step to fight unwanted cravings is the right diet. When it comes to the second half of the cycle, pay attention to a nutrient-rich diet that is highly anti-inflammatory, full of good fats, easily digested vegetables and vitamin-rich fruits.

In addition, it can be very helpful to fall back on well-tried gynecological herbs, for example in the form of soothing and effective healing teas. To stop PMS cravings, a herbal mixture that inhibits sweet hunger, stabilizes the hormone balance and gently harmonizes.

Licorice is a naturally sweet root that is anti-inflammatory and mineral dense. Like we said early, the craving for sweet is usually do to a nutrient deficiency. Licorice is one of the main natural herbs used to alleviate sweet cravings due to its high mineral and vitamin content like various vitamin Bs, E, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium. Our experts like to combine licorice with lady’s mantle. This plant got her name not without reason; lady’s mantle exerts a protective, harmonizing and balancing effect especially on the female reproductive system.

Ginger is a true wonder root. Apart from the fact that ginger is a real superfood and brings with it a number of health benefits, the tuber is a true friend to our cycles.

If both diet and natural herbs do not lead to desired success, it is advisable to dive even deeper into finding the cause. A hormone test is helpful in finding the balance between estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The determination of prolactin as well as some nutrients (vitamins B6, B12, E, zinc, copper) is vital for determining your health status and needs.


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