5 Tips To Get Pregnant Naturally

Tips to become pregnant naturally

Deciding to have children in life is an exciting yet frightening time. Many who plan on having children find out quickly that planning a pregnancy has its limits. You may never find “the perfect time” or maybe you have – whether the timing is right or not, conceiving does not happen as easily as the flip of a switch. Speed cannot be communicated to an ovulation cycle and patience is every aspiring mom’s new ally. Anxiety and impatience can only affect fertility negatively. The female body is incredibly intelligent and allows for a pregnancy (without help from others) only when it is feeling well and relaxation is a huge part of well-being. The body ensures that the vessel and womb is safe for any future being. Thus, force and rushing the process tends not to be the best solution.

Becoming pregnant faster is possible

Though, like we’ve stated before, rushing the process is not necessarily going to help conception. Speeding up the process a little bit while always staying patient and relaxed can be possible. In order to do this, you must give the body the best possible support. The healthier the body, the healthier your physical condition and the faster the body will adjust to the idea of accommodating a small new human being.

1. Healthy Eating

A healthy diet is prime. Especially if you want to get pregnant. Of course, it is well known that diet is crucial, and slightly restrictive, while pregnant. This also applies to the period of conception. The diet should be balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals. Some women choose to stay away from caffeine, some do not. But it is especially important to obstain from cigarettes and alcohol.

2. Nutrients

B vitamins, especially folic acid, are incredibly important for pregnancy. As well as iron, vitamin C and vitamin D. If you are not sure whether you are fulfilling the vitamin requirement already, talk to your doctor or nutritionist.

3. Decelerate & Relax

Pressure, stress and hectic events have a negative effect on the cycle. A stressed body does not want to get pregnant. When too much stress is present, cortisol rises and can shut down a healthy fertility. This is a strategic move of our biology — a protective mechanism that has prevented reproduction throughout our human species existence when the body is stressed, because there is not enough food, conditions are harsh or perhaps money, work or mental health. The body knows when it is not the right time for pregnancy.
Mental stress is a common phenomenon, especially when wanting to have children or juggling a stressful profession. As much as you try to get pregnant while stressed, it just won’t happen. You could stop trying consciously to get pregnant. This is hard to do if you desire children, but many women have found it is easier to conceive when they aren’t trying to conceive!

4. Watch Your Cycle & Understand Ovulation

A woman has exactly one ovulation per cycle. During this time, the ovum has only about 12-24 hours when it can be fertilized. So, it’s crucial to know when exactly you are most fertile for the highest possibility. You can easily track your ovulation using different at-home methods so you eliminate the guess work.

5. Getting Pregnant After the Pill

If you want to plan a pregnancy soon, think early enough to say goodbye to hormonal contraception. Even though many people are unaware, the pill does more to the body than just preventing pregnancy. After discontinuing the pill, various nutrient deficiencies prevail which need to be corrected for healthy fertility. The synthetic hormones also remain in the body for about 3 months after weaning. If you become pregnant during this time, it is not guaranteed that the unborn child will be exposed.

Another important point: Not every woman starts to have a normal cycle immediately after discontinuing the pill. It takes a few months for many women to find regularity to their cycle. Because the pill stops ovulation, the body needs to become once again familiar with invoking the ovulation cycle again. To help with regulating the cycle naturally, there are herbal teas that can stabilize the cycle.

Help From Nature: Herbal Teas

Yet another tip to become pregnant and do it naturally: there are many great medicinal herbs that can help promote fertility. In contrast to hormone therapies, herbs do this in a very gentle but effective way.

Alchemilla or lady’s mantle, as it is also called, is THE female plant. With cycle fluctuations and the desire to have children, this small plant can accomplish uncanny miracles. Combing Alchemilla with other fertility-enhancing medicinal herbs such as rosemary, mugwort or angelica root, the perfect baby booster tea is born.


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