3rd Trimester Tracked Week by Week

3rd Trimester Tracked Week by Week

Welcome to your 3rd trimester!

Final sprint! Soon your little darling will see the light of day. We have broken down the 3rd trimester into weeks so you can see exactly how the development is progressing.

Track your baby’s growth and your well-being week by week

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Pregnancy Week 29

Have you experienced some weird little twitching sensations in your belly? That would be your baby hiccuping, thereby strengthening his or her diaphragm for breathing in the outside world. Now is a good time to prepare your hospital bag no matter where you are planning to give birth. In case of a change of plans or an emergency, you should have everything ready from comfortable clothes for you to newborn clothing and your favorite body care items.

Pregnancy Week 30

Are you worrying about birth sometimes (or more like, every day)? Then you’re not alone – pretty much all moms-to-be have some anxiety about their big day. If it’s your first, it will be a completely new experience and you don’t know what to expect, how it will feel, how your body will react. Make sure to talk to your partner, your midwife and your doctor about it and seek out resources that can help soothe your mind, like yoga or meditation.

Pregnancy Week 31

As your breasts are getting ready for milk production, you might notice yellow liquid leaking from your boobs. This is called colostrum, a rich source of nutrients, and probably (if you can and choose to breastfeed) your baby’s first meal. In the beginning, only very little colostrum is being produced (because only very small amounts will fit into your baby’s tiny stomach). When baby starts to suckle, the actual milk will come in a few days after birth, causing some major breast engorgement.

Pregnancy Week 32

Heading into month 8, your baby will soon change into the headdown position to prepare for the trip through the birth canal. Some babies don’t turn until the very last minute, and some don’t turn at all. The breech position (as it is called with baby’s feet down) is also a potential birthing position, requiring experienced midwives or doctors at your side. Often, it is a reason for a planned c-section.

Pregnancy Week 33

Are you a hot mama? Many women experience a rise in their body temperature during and after pregnancy, and that’s because while pregnant or breastfeeding, your metabolic rate is very high. Your feet are hot (and very likely swollen), you’re sweating and you probably like to be in air-conditioned buildings. Give yourself some relief with cooling teas, fresh essential oils and frequent short cold showers, especially on your legs and feet.

Pregnancy Week 34

At this point, you are just 6 weeks away until your due date. If you have some extra time, make sure you include lots of little treats for yourself, like a massage, a pedicure, regular swimming or light exercises. And rest! Don’t get caught up in too much shopping and planning, because what your baby really needs is a mom that has been taking good care of herself, not the perfect color-matched nursery.

Pregnancy Week 35

In this last week of your 8th month of pregnancy, your uterus has expanded in size considerably – actually, it is more than 1000 times bigger than at the starting point. And you are feeling it, too. Aches and pains, trouble with sleeping, swollen legs and ankles, and frequent peeing – just to name a few. Do you need a little more time? Are you still enjoying the big-bellyfeeling? Or are you about ready to finish your pregnancy stage and hold your baby in your arms?

Pregnancy Week 36

Your baby is almost ready to go – there is only a bit of fine-tuning the lungs and putting on more weight left. The liver and kidneys are working as are the blood circulation and immune system. For you, this is a good time to go over your plans, have some one-on-one time with your partner and make some arrangements for after birth. Who do you want to see (or not)? And who can support your family with cooking and cleaning?

Pregnancy Week 37

In the remaining weeks leading up to delivery, you may find yourself cleaning out the kitchen like there’s no tomorrow, rearranging furniture (be careful!) and folding clothes like a maniac. It’s called nesting and it means you are getting very close to birth. It’s our body’s (or brain’s) way to make sure everything is ready and under control, when there is so much you can’t control. Hang in there a little while longer, you will soon.

Pregnancy Week 38

Let’s do a small review: if you experience one or more of the following phenomena, it’s a good idea to call your doctor or your midwife to see if you’re going into birth mode. Mucus plug/ bloody discharge: if you notice thick, possibly bloody mucus in your undies, your cervix might be starting to dilate. Contractions: if your uterus starts tightening at regular intervals and doesn’t stop, you’re likely going into labor. Water breaking: a small continuous trickle of water or a large amount of fluid – you go, girl!

Pregnancy Week 39

At 39 weeks, your baby is considered a full-term pumpkin! You are probably pretty ready to get this baby out, and it could be any day now. Many moms will still have to wait for a little while, so just tell yourself over and over again that your baby needs all this time inside your belly to grow just so that he or she is ready to meet the world. Make sure to take frequent small walks to prepare for labor.

Pregnancy Week 40

Congratulations, you have reached your due date! You can definitely give yourself a huge pat on the back for making it this far throughout the pregnancy journey! Now, sit back and relax some more, make sure the tank of your car is full, the fridge is stocked and your cell phone is fully charged. Remember, your body is designed for this, so you too will manage to get that watermelon-sized (no kidding!) baby out.

Pregnancy Week 41

Still here? Well, you’re not the only one! Plenty of moms have waited around and tried these safe methods to induce labor: having sex, taking long walks or enjoying acupuncture. At 41 weeks, your doctor might talk to you about inducing labor. For some women, this is recommended for health reasons, but in many cases, it makes sense to give baby some more time in the womb. The baby knows when it’s time as long as both of you are doing fine.

Written by Women’s Health Expert Hannah