2nd Trimester Tracked Week By Week

Welcome to your 2nd trimester!

Phew, the first trimester is done! Everything that continues to happen is still very exciting, especially now that your tummy is growing. We also split the second trimester into weeks so you can track how your baby is developing week after week.

Track your baby’s growth and your well-being week by week

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Track these trimesters by the week:

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3rd trimester

Pregnancy Week 13

Welcome to the second trimester. You are now officially through with one third of your pregnancy. You can expect your symptoms to ease and you should experience an increase in energy. You have by now grown a baby that has teeth, vocal cords and even fingerprints. Many parents-to-be start spreading the word that they’re expecting. But of course, there is never a wrong or right time and it is completely your personal decision.

Pregnancy Week 14

This phase is sometimes called the ‘honeymoon phase’ of pregnancy – that’s because many women start to really enjoy their pregnancy once the first trimester symptoms have faded. The body has adjusted to the huge hormonal change and baby is all snuggled up inside that cute little belly, maybe even sucking on his or her thumb. Time to enjoy your renewed energy and healthy appetite. You might consider starting a yoga pregnancy class or doing some light exercise on your own.

Pregnancy Week 15

Around week 15, many pregnant women feel an increase in their sex drive, although their partners might not. For some, it takes a bit of getting used to the idea of having sex with a baby present. But rest assured, throughout a healthy pregnancy, sex will in no way harm or put the baby at risk. Your baby is now moving around a lot and might even be hiccupping, although you probably can’t feel it yet (but will soon!).

Pregnancy Week 16

Your now avocado-sized baby is starting to hear your voice thanks to tiny bones forming in his or her ears. Also, your baby’s hair, lashes and eyebrows are growing. Moms-to-be at 16 weeks might notice that their hair and nails grow faster, their hair looks thicker and their skin more radiant – pregnancy glow, here we come. You are probably getting ready for your next prenatal appointment at this stage.

Pregnancy Week 17

You might be thinking about whether you want to find out your baby’s gender, if and when you want to take a birth preparation class and where you want to give birth (make sure to scout out the options in your region and talk to other moms about it). All this decision-making makes the pregnancy feel a lot more real; and you might be feeling a bit anxious about it too. Rest assured that this is all part of the process.

Pregnancy Week 18

Almost at the middle of your pregnancy, some of the common symptoms experienced by moms-to-be are trouble sleeping, itchy boobs and belly, increased bodily fluids like sweating or vaginal discharge, back aches and swollen feet and ankles. While you might be experiencing one or more of these not-so-comfortable symptoms, your baby is busy yawning, sucking, swallowing and practicing kicking, punching and rolling around in your belly. It’s a party in there!

Pregnancy Week 19

Your mid-pregnancy ultrasound is around the corner, and you might be excited to find out the gender of your baby. You will get to see the whole body of your baby through and through which is an amazing sight. The development of the main organs will be checked at the scan. At 19 weeks, your baby is the size of a mango and you will probably finally start to feel the movements in your belly.

Pregnancy Week 20

Congratulations, you are at the halfway point of your pregnancy! If you already know your baby’s gender, you might be indulging in baby names or newborn shopping. But no matter what gender, this is a good time to check in with yourself – how do you feel about your body and the pregnancy so far? Do you have things to organize or are you all set up with maternity leave, birth prep plans or a midwife? There is still enough time to plan ahead.

Pregnancy Week 21

Some new symptoms might make an appearance at this stage in your pregnancy – heartburn is more common now, and you may experience this up until birth because organs start pushing on the stomach causing acid reflux. Also, your skin can become dry and itchy during this time and stretch marks might start to appear. Make sure to find a good natural skin care regimen you can pamper yourself with.

Pregnancy Week 22

Have you been keeping track of your growing belly and documenting the process by taking pictures? If you haven’t started yet, now is a good time since your belly will be expanding pretty quickly in the coming weeks to accommodate your coconut-sized baby. If you want to get professional photos taken, setting up an appointment for a maternity session during your third trimester might be the best time because your beautiful belly is even bigger.

Pregnancy Week 23

Your baby’s face is now already fully formed and even the nipples are in place. The sense of hearing is becoming more developed, so he or she can hear loud noises from the outside like a dog barking or loud music. Have you been paying attention to your baby’s sleeping and waking routines? By now, you can feel the movements pretty clearly and maybe you can get an idea of your baby’s character already.

Pregnancy Week 24

By now, your baby’s kicks can probably be sensed even from the outside, so if your partner holds your belly, he or she might feel the baby kicking. This kind of contact makes the idea of parenthood more real to your partner and is a great way to get in touch with the baby. Your baby will recognize your partner’s voice at the moment of birth if he or she has heard it throughout the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 25

How are your birth plans coming along? You can pre-register at a hospital to do all the paperwork beforehand, make a list with what’s important to you during birth, or plan your home birth or birthing center process with your midwife. While you are busy thinking about what’s to come, your little one is enjoying his or her new sense of equilibrium. Now, your baby can sense which way is up and which is down.

Pregnancy Week 26

Ever heard of a doula? This service is becoming more and more popular – it’s a woman who has been educated and licensed in accommodating the mother during birth. She can be hired to come to the hospital or home to give extra support to the mother-to-be during labor and birth. You can meet her beforehand to discuss your needs and anxieties so she can be your stronghold during birth.

Pregnancy Week 27

You are now at the last week of the second trimester. Your baby is already practicing to breathe (amniotic fluid, that is) and showing brain activity. Your own brain activity might have slowed down a bit which is a common condition called ‘pregnancy brain’. After birth, it turns into ‘breastfeeding brain’, so get used to feeling a bit absent-minded or forgetful. It will all come back eventually and thankfully, you can rely on your body to know what’s important.

Pregnancy Week 28

During month 7, you might notice your belly practicing contractions – they are called Braxton Hicks contractions and are completely normal. It feels strange at first when you feel your uterus tighten up, but as long as they go as quickly as they come, there is nothing to worry about. Another symptom that many moms-to-be experience is trouble sleeping. As you advance in your pregnancy, the hormonal and physical changes cause you to wake up easily or to have trouble finding a comfortable position.

Written by Women’s Health Expert Hannah