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Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth (WHO). Almost all maternal deaths (99%) occur in developing countries. In Kenya 1 in 47 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes.

Why do women die during childbirth?

In high-income countries, most women get about four antenatal care visits and are attended by a midwife, skilled health worker during delivery and after having given birth.
Pregnant women in Kenya often live long distances away from a health clinic or educated midwives. As a result, many give birth unattended at home under unhygienic conditions at home without a midwife’s attendance. Many women are poor and lack information about a healthy and safe pregnancy and don’t know who can help them in their situation.

75 percent of maternal deaths are preventable

According to the WHO, 75 percent of maternal deaths in Kenya are preventable. Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborn babies.
With simple, low-cost interventions, such as regular midwife visits and a birth kit, Kenyan women can deliver in safety and under more hygienic conditions.

The moms for moms® project

That’s why we have partnered up with the Kenyan midwife association. Their mission is “Every woman and every newborn to have quality midwifery care.”

Give back

For every product of the pregnancy line that you buy, we give 10% to buy safe birth materials, such as sheets, gloves and soap as well as training materials and guidelines for health workers.

Safe birth kits can reduce the risk of infections during and after childbirth and make pregnancy for Kenyan women much safer.

Give back

Results achieved so far

The Kenyan Midwife Association has done tremendous work already and were able to achieve good results to improve maternal health in Kenya.

  • Antenatal care uptake increased from 88% – 96%
  • Skilled birth attendance increased from 44% – 62%
  • Post natal care uptake increased from 42-51%
  • Infant mortality rate decreased from 52/1000 live births to 39/1000 live births
  • Child mortality rate decreased from 31/1000 live births to 14/1000 live births