Femna products are designed with the utmost care and in cooperation with leading experts from the respective fields. We are grateful to have such a wonderful and highly competent team behind our back, consisting of a naturopath, food scientist, midwife and pharmacist. This allows us to draw on a great wealth of experience and provide you with holistic approach to female health and well-being.


Anne has been a midwife since 2010 and is studying to become an organic agriculturist. This shows her passion for letting things grow, blossom and thrive. She has done advanced training in topics such as phytotherapie, homotherapy and traditional midwife science. With the 3 men in her life Anne lives at the edge of Berlin und offers specific trainings for social establishments.

For FEMNA she focusses on fertility, pregnancy, puerperal and breast feeding.

Hannah Pehlgrimm Femna expertin

Natural health professional focused on women

Hannah has been supporting women, that are looking for a natural treatment for hormonal imbalances, diagnosis like PCOS or endimetriosis or with an unfulfilled wish for children and cycle afflictions, since 2012. She is our herb expert, adviser and writer for all things herbs, cycle and hormones.

„Women, that want to strengthen their intuition and feel comfortable in their bodies, should start by understanding their cycle. FEMNA can be a great support with that!“

Quality safety and nutrition

Lea Matthiessen is a food scientist from Hamburg and has specialized in the quality assurance of organic food which is why she can answer your questions about nutrition and health.

“For me, the enjoyment of food is a top priority. Conscious and vital nutrition can positively support our feminine cycle and thus strengthen our wellbeing and lifestyle.“

Pharmacist and consultant

Dr. Gertrud always pursued the philosophy of “healthy body in healthy mind.” After 10 intense study years, she obtained her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2012). Today, she takes great interest in herbal medicine and firmly believes in the power of alternative remedies.

With her scientific background, Dr. Gertrud can easily separate the valuable from the nonsense.